Who am I ?

I welcome lovers of old music in general and collectors of gramophone records in particular to my new website dealing exclusively with old vinyl records and shellac records.

I have been in the field of collecting old musical equipments, gramophone records and spares for more than 30years. Over the years, apart from building my own collection of radios, gramophones, record players and vinyl records it has been my pleasure to be of assistance to thousands of music enthusiasts for meeting their demand for old equipments, spares and repairs. My small shopping centre, THE VOICE OF KERALA , at Oyitty Road, Kozhikode (Kerala) established 45 years back continues to be a centre of attraction for them with a large collection of radios, record players, records and spares.

I have been maintaining a web site www.gramophonerecords.in where details about all the equipments, spares and records are given. As demand is increasing with more and more music lovers, hobbyists and even the young generation taking enthusiastic interest in acquiring vinyl and old shellac records, the need for a separate dedicated site for Vinyal and Shellac records is keenly felt. It is to fulfill this need that this website has been created.

I hope this site will live upto your expectations. Details of available records of all languages, varieties and speeds are given. Rare photos are also displayed. Lists of records are prepared to facilitate easy selection.

My existing site www.gramophonerecords.in will continue to be of service to you and this new site is only its offspring to meet a specific need. Best wishes and happy listening.

The following two articles are about me which has published in Hindu and Indian Express http://www.thehindu.com/ todays-paper/tp-national/ tp-kerala/article3805815.ece http://epaper.newindianexpress.com/619297/The-New-Indian-Express-Kozhikode/21-10-2015?show=plainjane#page/17/1